Drum Events


Drum Circle

A no-pressure, fun gathering that everyone can enjoy, drum circles build community through rhythm and energy. Matt introduces a variety of percussion instruments and demonstrates how to play each one, teaching rhythms as natural and as simple as the heartbeat. Participants then play their instruments together under Matt’s direction, interacting cooperatively while discovering their inner musician. 

Performance in an hour

This option allows participants to learn, share and show off their new-found drumming skills. Matt conducts a workshop for 10-30 people and within an hour, the group will have a cohesive performance ready to show. 


Matt directs and coordinates a drumming production from beginning rehearsals to the final show. He teaches performers both drumming and stage skills, helps them master their talents while building their confidence to perform for an audience. 

Inspiration / Awareness Workshops

Tailored to fit your group’s needs and objectives, a Drum Echoes workshop seeks to educate audiences about the importance of understanding and accepting differences in abilities. Matt discusses the struggles he faced and valuable life lessons he learned from growing up with severe Tourette Syndrome, complementing his talk with a drum circle or drumming demonstration and question/answer session. These workshops stress the value of differences and the importance of embracing the unique strength and greatness in us all. 

Corporate Training Workshops

If you are looking for a unique, fun, exciting and off-your-seats team-building program, then a Drum Echoes workshop is for you. Positive, enthusiastic and hands-on, these workshops encourage a workplace atmosphere of tolerance and diversity by bringing employees closer together as a unified team. 

All percussion instruments are provided by Drum Echoes. No musical experience is necessary to participate.  All ages and abilities are welcome! 

All drum events are provided for schools, corporations, conferences, camps, health care agencies, senior living, human service organizations and many other groups of people locally, nationally and internationally.  

Hand Drum Techniques

Video on effective hand drumming techniques. 

Drum Circle Drum Along Video

Grab a drum and drum along! 

Drum Circle

Clip of a previous Drum Circle.